Responsive sub-Theme Project

I have a project, Waggy Tails Pet Center, that needs a theme with 90% of the look and feel of The Good Dog and 10% of Woodside Hotels.

WTPC: Waggy Tails Pet Center,
TGD: The Good Dog,
WSH: Woodside Hotels,

To explicitly clarify this is for a sub-Theme and not a Site Build.

I'm a back-end Drupal developer, so it's possible I've mislabeled a front-end term ... Also, I fully expect your input will change these requirements.

Requirements Summary

  • Site design: The Good Dog is the PDF, PSD, ...
  • Base Theme: TBD
  • Device Support: Phones, Pads, Tablets
  • Browsers Support: +10% Market Share
  • Color scheme support: Similar to Bartik, to include all visual elements.
  • Top Menu [1]: To auto justify to a single line and allow drop-down children.
  • Additional Menu 1: Top Right in banner section (WSH's contact us menu) [2]
  • Additional Menu 2: Screen bottom (WSH)
  • Search Form: Top Right in banner section (below WSH's contact us menu items). The word 'Search' should appear in the form when empty and disappear when selected (see

All elements (menus, search, etc.) must be able to be not present without disrupting the display.

Project Summary

  • Existing Site: Built, 30+ items of content
  • Target Group: People who actually purchase
  • Work Environment: Mine or Yours, your choice
  • Work Restrictions: You are restricted to the sub-theme folder
  • Version Control: Your choice
  • Time frame: Reasonable
  • Budget: More than $400, less than $2,000
  • Payments: Check or PayPal, your choice
  • Payment: Fixed Bid / Pay per Task
  • Sign off: I sign off on acceptance

About Me

I've been in business since 1996, a Drupal member for 7 years, am a Drupal Association Organization Member, and received my MBA from the University of Texas in 1999. I've been working with computers since 1980. Past employment includes IT sections of Dell and Exxon.

I run a broad spectrum backend Drupal shop, up to and including having my own DNS cluster and providing FailOver Backup and High Availability Solutions.

See also:


  • Site design: The Good Dog is the PDF, PSD, ...

Images, text and all content will be provided by myself. Standard use of block regions for section placements, so that if a client doesn't want a front page slider, disabling that block won't leave visual residue and won't otherwise impact the site beside it just not being there.

If there are requirements you need from me to make things work, that's not a problem. e.g. If there is a need for specific machine name(s) for content types, or fields, to feed the front page slider so they get displayed properly, I will do that.

I have had horrible experiences trying to make client purchased themes 'work,' so, I will not accept things hard coded down to individual block level. Which I've seen too much of, and clients then have no normal method to change those items.

The end result needs to support standard Drupal client use. They add content through the normal 'Add content' mechanism, it shows up, they're happy.

Screenshots will be taken of TGD upon project start to lock in deliverables.

Your point of contact will be myself.

  • Base Theme: TBD

The base theme chosen will be:

Maintenance status: Actively Maintained
Development status: Under Active Development
Core compatibility: 7.x
Status: Full Project
Reported installs: >25,000

Otherwise you have full authority to chose the base theme. I will then look at its issue queue and pass/fail it.

  • Device Support: Phones, Pads, Tablets

All popular, modern Internet display devices.

  • Browsers Support: +10% Market Share

Browsers versions w/ more than 10% of market share, to include all higher versions of that browser.

You will be asked to provide the link(s) to what you find as the current valid browser version market share percentages.

  • Existing Site: Built, 30+ items of content

The Waggy Tails site is live, it already has 30+ items of existing content. All backend work will be done by myself. You will not be required to create any content, content types, views, or blocks.

You will be asked to define backend tasks, such as: "Create a content type and associated view to provide data for the overview page that looks like [URL], and add an extra [field] for [???]."

  • Target Group: People who actually purchase

The demographic of those people who will actually commit to making a purchase. Geographically, an English speaking North American, European, first world audience.

  • Work Environment: Mine or Yours, your choice

I can give you tarballs of Waggy Tails and/or give you dev space with a dev copy of Waggy Tails installed on my development server (SSH/cPanel account).

My preference is giving you dev space and allowing you to copy that to your local machine as you desire.

  • Work Restrictions: You are restricted to the sub-theme folder

All code you create will be in the sub-theme folder.

  • Time frame: Reasonable

You have other clients and this is not a crash project. Once we've discussed the project, indicate how much calendar time you expect to need

  • Budget: More than $400, less than $2,000
  • Payment: Fixed Bid / Pay per Task

If you're a highschool student figuring $8/hour and estimating you'll need 50 billable hours, then you'll provide a rough estimate of $400. I'll expect your estimate to be seriously optimistic, and allow a 100% overrun.

If you've been doing Drupal theming for the last 5 years, I'll expect you to know what you're doing and that you know how to adequately create rough estimates.

Ask any questions you need to make a rough estimate.

The rough estimate will be used to select a candidate, at which point we'll discuss any issues and work out a mutually beneficial bid.

  • Sign off: I sign off on acceptance

Once the theme you provide matches the capabilities of TGD, and has the 5 additional items from the Requirements Summary, you will be paid within 48 hours.

Additional Notes

Related Follow Up Work

I will replace my existing theme with this new theme as well. The ugly page I hand built, , needs significant UI/UX love. Squeeze the page until the first box folds to see what I mean.

I want that page integrated into the new sub-theme and brought into the 21st century.


My assumption is that, as any professional trying to employ a professional in a related field, I'm open to the specs being changed per your knowledge of your field.

What tools you use are your own business.

To Apply

  • Please send one link to a site with a similar theme to TGD you personally developed more than 90% of.
  • Provide a rough estimate, or how much you charged for the theme you link to.
  • Provide a rough estimate for the Related Follow Up Work (optional).
  • Include any questions.

# # #

Please contact me through or my site's contact form.

Best Regards,

Internet Design Alliance, owner

[1] The Good Dog's top menu is currently broken, it use to be on one single line.
[2] The final result should not have the extra bullet point to the right of the menu.

Other Opportunities

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