cPanel / SSH access ( $ / Qtr )


For whatever reason you want cPanel and/or SSH access to your site on our server. We can do that. But, we'll be upfront. We do not like giving cPanel and SSH access to clients. We have to setup a separate area for you, in which we can not use our standard, proprietary tool base, which makes doing our job for you take longer.

We will also have to bill you for fixing anything you break ...

Please select this option with care.

The fee is per quarter and covers the extra time we'll need to spend on your account.

We almost prefer you purchase a HostColor VPS Power plan, and contract with us for Drupal Management. Except that for equivalent service it's significantly more than we charge, and you don't get covered for large traffic spikes:

IDA DMH: $400 - $520 / quarter

HostColor: $759.70 / quarter
HC, Equivalent Hosting - $69.95 / month
HC, Fully-Managed - $49.95 / month
IDA, Drupal Management - $400 / quarter

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