Free Website Plan Analysis and Module Recommendations

  • Posted on: 8 June 2014
  • By: Michael

You want to build a website and you done enough research on the various CMSes available to have decided on Drupal. You've also done a write up of your site's needs, but you're not sure of the Drupal way or where you should start? The hundreds of upfront hours for reading and learning Drupal just to known which modules and feature sets are most appropriate for your specific use case causing you anxiety? Want to shortcut some of that headache?

Send me the write up you've done, I'll analyze it and send you back a list of suggested existing modules to use and what functions you'll probably need to custom build.

No charge, and no pressures to use me for further work, as it shouldn't take any decent Drupal developer more than fifteen minutes plus reading time to list out a good module fit.

Obviously if you want further guidance, or to use any of my other services, I can do that too.





Thank you so much for your considered response. They have been rare in my search for someone to help with this project.

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