Fully Managed Drupal Hosting

Let a professional take care of your site.

A professional maintaining and updating your Drupal modules, monitoring and tuning your MySQL database, configuring and maintaining Linux, Apache, and PHP (LAMP stack) software specifically for a Drupal environment, and keeping you from having to talk Geek with a traditional hosting company.

Why Choose Drupal Managed Hosting?

  • You understand time is money, and your time is better spent working on your business.
  • You wish that "Easy" button on TV was real!
  • Your customer data is at risk because of constant module updates.

Managed Drupal Dedicated Servers

If you need bigger iron, we also provide fully managed Drupal dedicated servers. Prices do vary based upon what's available at the time. Here is an example of a fully managed Drupal server we put into production for a client:

Base Server:
» CPU: 12 cores, 24 threads 8 cores, 16 threads
» RAM: 48GB 24GB
» Drive 1: 128GB SSD
» Drive 2: None
» IPv4 Addresses: 5
» Bandwidth: 1 Gbps network connection w/ 30TB traffic 100mbit unmetered
» Operating System: Centos 6 64bit
» IPv6 Addresses: /64 Ipv6
» WHM/cPanel
» » $250 / month « «

Upgrades Available:

About You, Our Customer

Most of our customers are business people. Running a business to make a living.

You, our customer,

  • Don't have time to deal with day to day site maintenance and routine upgrades.
  • Just want to operate your Drupal website.
  • Are:
    • Frugal.
    • Knowledgeable on what makes your business run.
    • Making a living off your Drupal website.
    • Fed up with dealing with traditional Hosting companies.
    • Fed up with digging up solutions to obscure website problems.
  • Feel your existing Hosting / VPS / server costs are excessive.
  • . . .

Drupal Data Migration

Do you need data migrated into your Drupal website? What about conversion and insert scripts?

We offer a range of services from data migration to site building.

Current Servers: Locations, Uses, and Sizes


  • We cap the number of customers on a box to the number of physical CPUs.
  • All new servers are 8+ CPU, Dedicated SSD, with the existing VPS servers being slowly replaced with dedicated.
  • The Locations of Closed servers are not closed. We do have multiple servers in the same location, see Dallas.
  • The first Drupal 8 site will be placed on a to be built, Dedicated SSD server,. You will get input on what general region that server is in. It will also most likely be a 12 CPU machine similar to Server 07.

What is a DNS cluster and why is the IDA cluster good for me?

What is a DNS cluster?

DNS clustering is using multiple nameservers that share the same records, located in different geographic areas to serve your DNS records.

Why is using a DNS cluster beneficial?

Nameservers in different locations, using different providers, in different datacenters, and on different uplinks removes the DNS single point of failure issue with using a DNS server on your hosting machine. e.g. As long as one nameserver in the cluster is functional, then people can still find and load your website.

Services and Pricing

We provide prompt, effective, and individualized Customer Support.

We do not use automated or canned responses for customer support. We don't outsource to cheap labor halfway across the world. We do not employ a 'ticket' system. You will never be lost in the cracks.

Your customer support liaison will be me, the owner. I am a native English speaker, with an MBA from one of the top 20 US business schools, and 30+ years of working in and around the IT field. Clients are given my Business Cell phone number for 24/7 access.

I enjoy coding almost as much as I do talking with clients about their business.

Looking forward to working with you,

Internet Design Alliance

How to ‘Fix’ Auto-Mounted Drives with ‘Wrong’ Permissions

  • Posted on: 30 July 2020
  • By: Michael

Those new to Linux hit this quickly.

I can mount the drive, but permissions show the owner as 'Root'. I can not add or delete anything!

They stick a USB Flash Drive or external Hard Drive into their system and the system automagically added the drive for them. Usually popping up the drive in their default file manager. Then they can’t use the drive at all. Thanks auto-mounter! It doesn’t happen always, but frequently enough that one has to wonder why there are still bugs in ~20+ year old software.