Why is Michael such an enthusiastic about MX Linux?

  • Posted on: 4 September 2020
  • By: Michael


MX Linux works extremely well, is able to ‘one click’ install the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE), and saves me an incredible amount of time. [1a][1b]

William asked:
> By the way, Michael, I believe that AntiX is based on MX Linux. I forget
> the exact relationship, but that's how I discovered the MX repositories.
> Since you are so enthusiastic about MX Linux with TDE, I wondered if you
> knew anything about AntiX, or were more up-to-date on its status, or had an
> opinion about it

Long story very short... (and probably not entirely accurate)

antiX and MEPIS basically combined to create MX? I don’t know if MEPIS is still around, obviously antiX is ;)

- antiX is a very lightweight distribution (works well on very old hardware) [2]
- MX is a middleweight (it also has an advanced hardware kernel option)

Dolphin Oracle is the lead dev for both distributions. There are ~20+ devs for MX (they all may be active on antiX, but I don’t know that), and based on their forum activity I’m somewhat guessing that many of the MX devs are basically ‘full time’ employed by MX. Truthfully I’d love for TDE to be rolled into the MX group, it seems like such a win-win for both organizations.

Why am I such an enthusiastic about MX?

- With one click (MX Package Installer):
- - Full LAMP stack is installed
- - Install LibreOffice, Opera, Wine, VirtualBox, 6 other DEs, 2 Windows Managers, 2 Docks, Skype, Zoom, Kodi, Plex, Handbrake, Spotify, Play on Linux, Steam, 6 other Kernels, 5+ VPNs, 3 Screencasts, … [5]

- NVIDIA proprietary drivers works ‘out of the box’
- MX also saved me 50 to 200 hours of customization rebuild over six months by having a ‘preserve /home’ option that works with existing disk encryption. [3]

- Their MX Package Installer is completely customizable
- - Which allowed me to create an auto-installer for TDE [4]

- The MX Tools set is stellar and actually works...
- Doesn’t use systemd
- The MX forum answers your questions (accurately! and usually the same day)

I’ll stop here, put the pom-poms down, and close with:

If you want a distribution that runs the Trinity Desktop Environment and ‘just works,’ go with MX.


[1a] https://mxlinux.org/
[1b] https://www.trinitydesktop.org/
[2] https://antixlinux.com/
[3] https://forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.php?f=92&t=59308&p=587358#p588697
[4] https://wiki.trinitydesktop.org/MX_Linux_Trinity_Repository_Installation...
[5] There are 380 *.pm files in their packageinstaller-pkglist directory, best guess is that translates to 380 unique applications that they have already customized the install process of so the end user gets a full ‘working’ application.

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