About You, Our Customer

Most of our customers are business people. Running a business to make a living.

You, our customer,

  • Don't have time to deal with day to day site maintenance and routine upgrades.
  • Just want to operate your Drupal website.
  • Are:
    • Frugal.
    • Knowledgeable on what makes your business run.
    • Making a living off your Drupal website.
    • Fed up with dealing with traditional Hosting companies.
    • Fed up with digging up solutions to obscure website problems.
  • Understand time is money, and your time is better spent working on your business.
  • Have no desire to dig through log files. (Google Analytics provides more statistics than you probably want already.).
  • Don't know, care to know, and would like to forget!, how to operate cPanel, Plex, WHM, Awstats, Webalizer, phpMyAdmin, Zone Editors, MIME Types, MX Entries, SSH, or any of those other hosting tools needed to run a website.
  • Feel your existing Hosting / VPS / server costs are excessive.
  • See your existing Hosting / VPS / server costs are nearly the same as our offer.
  • Wish that "Easy" button on TV was real.
  • Want an experienced, senior Drupal backend developer they can call for any problem.
  • Understand you need at least quarterly updates to keep the potential for customer data loss down.

Some of our customers have had these issues prior to signing up with us

  • Had a hosting company's junior support 'specialist' take out a production site because they repaired a table without doing a backup first.
  • Have seen, and worse had your users see, problems like these on your site:
    • Warning: Duplicate entry
    • Warning: Incorrect key file for table
    • Cannot modify header information
    • PDOException: SQLSTATE[22003]:
    • Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'
  • phpMyAdmin just says "Error" and won't load. (One of my favorites)
  • . . . and . . .
  • Drupal's dreaded White Screen of Death (WSOD).

Things our customers don't want (or need) to know

  • Why repairing a MySQL table without doing a backup first is bad.
  • How to determine how much memory Drupal will need.
  • How to determine how much memory MySQL will need.
  • How to tune your MySQL server.
  • How to setup backups.
  • How to create IP to domain name redirects.