How to increase your online traffic using Drupal?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal is the most widely used content management system and has the advantages which you can?t get from other content management services. Creating online content and finding more traffic is the vital process. There is always stiff competition in the page ranking and selling your products online. The main job for SEO expert or any website owner would be to increase the web traffic on a consistent basis. Online marketing has expanded than one can imagine and what worked in 2005 may not work now, because of the more connectivity and the advancement of the technology.

Prior arrangements

People love to remember the catchy URL names rather than something which is complicated. It is also necessary to implement more Drupal modules. Website having a Logo design made by a professional gets noticed more. Content of the website matters a lot to people, they want catchy content that would make them think and keep them glued to reading.

Duplicate content? NO

Duplicate content is a big NO. If you want to create similar pages or alias pages, it would bring down the results of SEO and it lowers the ranking. Installing the Global redirect module of Drupal can help you avoid this and it helps to check the duplicate alias every time. The content has to be original and must pass the copyscape to build the trust from the readers.

Search keywords for Title

Page title will be more important and always necessary to create a perfect page title with SEO keywords. It is necessary to look out for the trends when creating a title for your page. Look out for what most readers search and this can give you a great opportunity to start writing and building your site. Searching the keywords can give the idea about the trends and what the reader want from your website or blog.

Xml sitemap and Meta tags

Meta tags and Xml sitemaps are important tools to consider when you are running a Drupal website. It is necessary to include the proper Meta tags and sitemaps give the idea about the complete contents of your website. Sitemaps holds the complete information of the different web pages of your website. This can help you index your site to the Google and this has to be your priority.

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