Non-profits, Covid-19, and subscription deferments

  • Posted on: 2 May 2020
  • By: Michael

Hi All,

First an apology to those this isn’t relevant for.  I don’t have a real way to
identify the non-profit clients that are essentially ‘closed’ at the moment
because they currently aren’t allowed to interact with the public.  I tried
to send individual emails, but another non-profit popped up today that I had
missed.  :(  So, sending this to everyone...

With Covid-19 causing societal issues I’ve been letting the non-profits do
subscription deferments until they are able to resume normal operations.  If
you are a non-profit who is effectively ‘closed’ because of your not being
able to interact with the public, please send me an email (if I haven’t
reached out to you already)!

During the deferment I will keep your site on and ready for whenever the CDC,
Federal, or State governments allow you to work with the public again.  When
your organization is able to deal with the public again, send me an email,
and I’ll restart your regular subscription.

Best Regards All,


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