Reasons why you should choose Drupal as your CMS

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal is a powerful web interface that can be used to build any type of web application. It will help you to structure, organize and manage unlimited content. Here are some reasons to choose Drupal as your CMS:

It is open source software

Anyone can download, use, and modify the software. There are no licensing fees involved. Everyone is able to contribute to the expansion of Drupal. You get full freedom, security and flexibility when using it. It locks down its directories and files. This means that individual files are not directly accessible. For instance, if you call a file by typing it into the address bar, you will get a page not found result. This enhances your security, as only you allow what gets to be shown to the world.

Drupal includes great functionality

Drupal offers many tools to help you make sites as simple as blogs to as complex as world class websites such as The Weather Channel ( and the British Medical Journal The tool sets that come with Drupal are vast, and include graphic manipulation, users management, menu management, polls management, easily changeable look and feel, SEO, . . .

It has administrator controls

Drupal lets you set up customized user accounts on your website. You can setup different levels of administration accounts for each person you hire, as well as giving different levels of access to customers.

It is flexible

Drupal offers a flexible interface. This lets users create books, pages, polls, blog entries and stories. If you have FAQ or testimonials, you only need to separate the content into different types.

It gives you the ability to create different types of content

You can create and manage different content types. These include blogs, texts, statistics, polls and user management. Drupal can handle countless content of all types. You get full control over who views and interacts with your content. Drupal gives you access to many plugins. Your web users can comment and share their opinions.

It easily indexes websites

Drupal makes your website well optimized. It also makes it easily indexed by search engines. This increases the traffic to your website.

All of these reasons make Drupal a great choice for your CMS. You save money, you have more control, Drupal puts you in charge.

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