What is Drupal?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal is a CMS (content management system) used for web development that has been utilized and trusted by thousands of businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, government and individuals all over the world to create personal and corporate websites. Drupal makes ecommerce easy and is a great platform for social networking. This free CMS is great for scale and fully customizable.

Why use Drupal?

This powerful framework provides the ideal solutions for individuals and business to manage and grow their online presence. You won't have to worry about license fees or vendor lock-ins. Since Drupal is open source, the documentation is readily available online and has a strong community of dedicated developers. Read on to learn why Drupal is a one of the best CMS products available today.

The Benefits of Open Source

With open source software, the source code used to run Drupal can be copied, modified, and shared amongst others. Any developer with the right skills can download Drupal, and customize the code in any way they want. Many passionate Drupal developers push functionality and ease of use by sharing and contributing changes to their code. Almost 400,000 websites are run on Drupal. There are many benefits of having such a large, dedicated community of developers. One of the largest is stability. With so many people working to solve issues related to running a site on Drupal, bugs tend to be fixed quickly. Another great advantage is that you will not have any trouble finding developments support for your site. Following is a list of some of our favorite Drupal features:

Free to download and install

No licensing fee

Access to the source code

A large community of developers

Many developers have contributed to the code

10 years plus of development

Over 600,000 Drupal users

Clean code

Easily extensible

Fully customizable

Many layout options and themes available

Built-in caching

Great for scale

Easy integration with 3rd party applications

Drupal for business

Drupal is an ideal solution that can benefit anyone from small businesses owners to large corporations. This free CMS was designed by pros who built a very functional and powerful framework. You'd be hard pressed to find another solution that has been pushed refined by thousands upon thousands of passionate developers for 10+ years. These great minds have come up with all sorts of ways to make customization easier.

Since Drupal is GPL licensed and open source, you will not have to worry about your data being locked into a proprietary system. Drupal is so widely popular, that you'll never have to worry about a shortage of PHP developers that can help you customize, speed up and maintain your site. You can easily find individuals and teams with the expertise to provide you with support.

This CMS has so many options, themes and plugins that make modularity and extensibility second to none. This can help you easily manage your project and makes creating your site much simpler. Many businesses enjoy the benefits of Drupal's numerous tools for measuring performance. In addition to having many open source solutions, there are a number of premium solutions available to Drupal users as well.

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