Current Servers: Locations, Uses, and Sizes


  • We cap the number of customers on a box to the number of physical CPUs.
  • All new servers are 8+ CPU, Dedicated SSD, with the existing VPS servers being slowly replaced with dedicated.
  • The Locations of Closed servers are not closed. We do have multiple servers in the same location, see Dallas.
  • The first Drupal 8 site will be placed on a to be built, Dedicated SSD server,. You will get input on what general region that server is in. It will also most likely be a 12 CPU machine similar to Server 07.

What is a DNS cluster and why is the IDA cluster good for me?

What is a DNS cluster?

DNS clustering is using multiple nameservers that share the same records, located in different geographic areas to serve your DNS records.

Why is using a DNS cluster beneficial?

Nameservers in different locations, using different providers, in different datacenters, and on different uplinks removes the DNS single point of failure issue with using a DNS server on your hosting machine. e.g. As long as one nameserver in the cluster is functional, then people can still find and load your website.