Fully Managed Drupal Hosting

Let a professional take care of your site.

A professional maintaining and updating your Drupal modules, monitoring and tuning your MySQL database, configuring and maintaining Linux, Apache, and PHP (LAMP stack) software specifically for a Drupal environment, and keeping you from having to talk Geek with a traditional hosting company.

Why Choose Drupal Managed Hosting?

  • You understand time is money, and your time is better spent working on your business.
  • You wish that "Easy" button on TV was real!
  • Your customer data is at risk because of constant module updates.

Managed Drupal Dedicated Servers

If you need bigger iron, we also provide fully managed Drupal dedicated servers. Prices do vary based upon what's available at the time. Here is an example of a fully managed Drupal server we put into production for a client:

Base Server:
» CPU: 12 cores, 24 threads 8 cores, 16 threads
» RAM: 48GB 24GB
» Drive 1: 128GB SSD
» Drive 2: None
» IPv4 Addresses: 5
» Bandwidth: 1 Gbps network connection w/ 30TB traffic 100mbit unmetered
» Operating System: Centos 6 64bit
» IPv6 Addresses: /64 Ipv6
» WHM/cPanel
» » $250 / month « «

Upgrades Available:

About You, Our Customer

Most of our customers are business people. Running a business to make a living.

You, our customer,

  • Don't have time to deal with day to day site maintenance and routine upgrades.
  • Just want to operate your Drupal website.
  • Are:
    • Frugal.
    • Knowledgeable on what makes your business run.
    • Making a living off your Drupal website.
    • Fed up with dealing with traditional Hosting companies.
    • Fed up with digging up solutions to obscure website problems.
  • Feel your existing Hosting / VPS / server costs are excessive.
  • . . .

Current Servers: Locations, Uses, and Sizes


  • We cap the number of customers on a box to the number of physical CPUs.
  • All new servers are 8+ CPU, Dedicated SSD, with the existing VPS servers being slowly replaced with dedicated.
  • The Locations of Closed servers are not closed. We do have multiple servers in the same location, see Dallas.
  • The first Drupal 8 site will be placed on a to be built, Dedicated SSD server,. You will get input on what general region that server is in. It will also most likely be a 12 CPU machine similar to Server 07.

PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time exceeded

  • Posted on: 18 December 2015
  • By: Michael

Problem: Your PHP max execution time was exceeded and PHP quits.

Solution: Extend PHP's Runtime Configuration max_execution_time.

For security reasons try changing max_execution_time to 60 seconds first, then longer if you need it.

* Also, you'll need to change the pathing I've used as appropriate for you site / system.

# Drupal Solution Details #

First we need to play, "Where's php.ini?"

Free Website Plan Analysis and Module Recommendations

  • Posted on: 8 June 2014
  • By: Michael

You want to build a website and you done enough research on the various CMSes available to have decided on Drupal. You've also done a write up of your site's needs, but you're not sure of the Drupal way or where you should start? The hundreds of upfront hours for reading and learning Drupal just to known which modules and feature sets are most appropriate for your specific use case causing you anxiety? Want to shortcut some of that headache?

Drupal Managed Hosting - NonProfits (50% off)

Search Engine Traffic and Optimization for Drupal

  • Posted on: 17 July 2013
  • By: Michael

Drupal out of the box, properly configured, is very SEO friendly. But don't expect your 10 to 20 page site to get any significant search engine traffic. And by search engine, we're talking Google. Google routinely accounts for about two thirds of all US search engine traffic, and other than China, a significant portion of the worlds search engine traffic.

But I want Search Engine Traffic!

Absolutely nothing beats a properly configured Drupal site with significant amounts of unique, relevant, similarly topic'ed content.

If you don't want to bother with creating content, you supposedly can "hire an 'SEO guru' who will rocket your site to the first page of Google results and/or sell lots of your product through PPC." I have several problems with these statements.

Theming Drupal

  • Posted on: 16 July 2013
  • By: Michael

A site's 'look and feel' in geek speak is called a Template, a Front End Overlay, a User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX), or in Drupal, the "Theme." You probably already know that ...

This document offers some guidelines on when you should start theming a Drupal project, just how varied Drupal themes can be, where to find 'free' themes, and steps you can take to reduce your theming costs.

Drupal Managed Hosting (Details)

We offer managed hosting for the Drupal Content Management System (CMS).

Starting at US $400 per quarter includes hosting and quarterly non-bug fix updates.

A few reasons this might be for you

  • When your hosting firm asks, “Do you want a bash, corn or seashell?” You're wondering what a beach has to do with your hosting account. And, hey wait!, did they just ask to hit you?
  • You've already had one hosting's junior support 'specialist' take out a production site because they repaired a table without doing a backup first.
  • You don't know why "repairing a table without doing a backup first" is bad.