Drush snippets for Drupal

  • Posted on: 27 June 2013
  • By: Michael

Use, abuse as desired. “alias =” are entries I’ve placed in .bashrc.

drush pml | grep -v Core | grep Enabled -c
alias drush="/home/michael/common/bin/drush/drush"
alias di='drush pmi'
alias dl='drush dl'
alias ds='drush status'
alias dv='drush vget > /home/michael/data/trash/drush-vget`pd`.txt'

Simple Last Access:

alias lastaccess='drush sql-query "SELECT uid, from_unixtime(access, '\''%m/%d %H:%i:%s'\'') as LastAccess, name FROM users ORDER BY access DESC LIMIT 5"'
uid     LastAccess      name
1       08/22 19:11:42  username01
8218    08/16 08:15:44  username02
8330    08/16 08:15:21  username03
8886    08/16 08:15:04  username04
9107    08/16 08:14:37  username05

Last Access on steroids:

alias lastaccess='drush sql-query "SELECT u.uid AS UID, from_unixtime(u.access, '\''%m/%d %H:%i:%s'\'') AS '\''Last Access'\'', u.name AS Name,  SUBSTRING_INDEX(GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT r.name ORDER BY r.rid SEPARATOR '\'', '\''), '\'','\'', 3) AS Roles FROM users AS u LEFT JOIN users_roles AS ur ON ur.uid = u.uid LEFT JOIN role AS r ON r.rid = ur.rid GROUP BY u.uid ORDER BY access DESC LIMIT 5"'
UID     Last Access     Name        Roles
8682    08/10 17:27:46  username01  Subscriber, Subscriber: Advanced, Subscriber: Ultimate
1       08/10 17:21:24  username02  administrator
8715    08/10 17:20:04  username03  Subscriber, Subscriber: Advanced, Subscriber: Ultimate
2       08/10 17:14:06  username04  administrator, Test Role
6986    08/10 17:13:06  username05  Subscriber: Demo
alias lastcron='echo `drush vget cron_last --exact | awk '\''{print $2}'\''` | { read a; date -d @$a; }'
alias pd='echo $(date +"%Y%m%d-%H%M%S")'

The last one is used by prior aliases.

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