PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time exceeded

  • Posted on: 18 December 2015
  • By: Michael

Problem: Your PHP max execution time was exceeded and PHP quits.

Solution: Extend PHP's Runtime Configuration max_execution_time.

For security reasons try changing max_execution_time to 60 seconds first, then longer if you need it.

* Also, you'll need to change the pathing I've used as appropriate for you site / system.

# Drupal Solution Details #

First we need to play, "Where's php.ini?"

How To fix the Drush error "exec() has been disabled for security reasons"

  • Posted on: 5 October 2015
  • By: Michael

I occasionally have to deal with shared hosting. Which I'll admit, I'm not real happy about as I generally have to install a bunch of my default tools, most of which then have to be 'fixed' to work on [insert cheap hosting firm's name]'s concept of security.

As I just did this (again), here is the 'patch' for drush to make it 'play nice.'

Summary Procedure

Copy php.ini to a drush usable location and edit for your problems.

Detailed Procedure

The Error:

What is Drupal? Should you use it?

  • Posted on: 30 June 2015
  • By: Staff

The Drupal content management system (CMS) is an open-source web hosting system. There is no criteria for possession of the software. Anybody can alter and edit it. Drupal is used by many organizations all over the world from education to government and even social media. When was Drupal released? What organizations use Drupal?

Drupal was released in January 2001 by Dries Buytaert. Continual improvements have been made on the initial product, resulting in the following versions:

What is Drupal?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal is a CMS (content management system) used for web development that has been utilized and trusted by thousands of businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, government and individuals all over the world to create personal and corporate websites. Drupal makes ecommerce easy and is a great platform for social networking. This free CMS is great for scale and fully customizable.

Why use Drupal?

Drupal - open source CMS

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Open source software is a program whose source code is accessible to the broad public for use and/or alteration from its novel design at no cost. Open source CMS gives program users a myriad of wonderfully arranged solutions to enable web presence management effectively. There are many such programs out there but one that stands out is Drupal.

How to install Drupal for your website?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal is free, open source content management system. The installation procedure is quite simple unlike other content management system. There are more Drupal developers and it has a strong development factor of 10 years. We will look at the steps to install Drupal for your website and make the content managing easy. Drupal is a web service which makes the communication between protocols very easy. And the modules help to create more interesting stuff than any other content management system.

How can you improve the Drupal performance?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal is the popular content management system and around 5 percent of the web development projects run using Drupal. It is necessary to improve the performance and the speed of Drupal for the advantage of readers and improve the website. But the reality most websites run with lower performing Drupal. Let us look at the steps on how to improve the Drupal performance.

Remove unwanted modules

What are the top Six Drupal Modules in 2015?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal uses the modular approach and created the different modules for an extra-ordinary user experience. Most Drupal love this concept of plugins or modules and wanted to implement in their websites. The benefit of these modules is enormous and helps to maintain security, helps in SEO contents and much more.


Views are the common Drupal module and it is used by most people. This is the must for every Drupal programmer and helps with easy displaying of images. The content gets displayed easier and helps the Drupal developer to display things at the right order.

How to increase your online traffic using Drupal?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal is the most widely used content management system and has the advantages which you can?t get from other content management services. Creating online content and finding more traffic is the vital process. There is always stiff competition in the page ranking and selling your products online. The main job for SEO expert or any website owner would be to increase the web traffic on a consistent basis. Online marketing has expanded than one can imagine and what worked in 2005 may not work now, because of the more connectivity and the advancement of the technology.